The Cache

Organize, display, and share cannabis in a way that was never possible before now.

Display it, don't hide it. Its beauty that you'll want to share.

Everything you need in one place when you need it.

Safe and discrete, so those who don't need to know, won't.

/kaSH/ noun

            1.  A collection of valuables stored in a hidden location

Your valuable collection, stored away safe, in a hidden location (unless you decide to share!). The Cache was created because there is a need to explore a new perspective of marijuana and the Cannabis Industry. We want to bring our kit out into the light and give it a home that we can enjoy for ourselves, but also improve the experience of anyone being exposed to marijuana for the first time.

We hand pick our wood and specifically chose each item included to support our quality standards of strength, beauty, and functionality.

Browse the features of each Cache below:

Design Features:

Miron isn't your average type of glass and it makes a difference. These jars 3 qualities we found valuable:

  • Airtight
  • scent-proof
  • Filtering out of harmful UV light

In order to ensure that your buds stay fresh and taste great, these jars have been proven capable of keeping buds fresh for several months. The storage environment of trichomes is crucial to keeping the flavor and medical benefits safe from degradation over time, which is why we chose Miron to protect them.

The Cali Crusher 2.0 is right where it belongs. This grinder is unlike any other and comes loaded with features that you can’t find on any other brand:

  • Sharp teeth for cutting and fluffing large buds
  • Quarter-turn locking threads
  • Removable screen for easy cleaning
  • 2-piece or 4-piece options
  • 2 sizes: Small (1.85in) and Large (2.35in)

You won't get tired of sticky threads or twisting it open or closed for ages. You also won't ever need to buy another grinder ever again.

Check them out, the CC 2.0 is worth every minute.

Local artists, making on-of-a-kind hand-blown Glass Art. Need we say more?

  • Local
  • Handmade
  • Beautiful

We believe art should be displayed and marijuana glass art pieces have been neglected for too long. Put them on display and enjoy them as they deserve.


It's often part of the ritual to sit down and load one or roll one. Therefor, we turned the lid into a rolling tray so it's there if you want it.

  • Flat, non-stick surface
  • Perfect for rolling or loading
  • Magnetic closure for a secure fit
  • V-cut slot for holding a paper while you prep
  • Magnetic closure for a secure fit
  • Locking Lids: although not removable, a tray option is available to make this feature available with a locking Cache.



Everyone has their own ritual. We wanted to provide the ability to personalize that ritual even more.

  • Personalize with phrases, names, dates
  • Various sizes and locations available

Whether it's for yourself or a gift for that special someone, make it more personal and something they will love and cherish forever.


We didn't forget about all the essentials: there is dedicated space for each item you need every time.

    • Rolling papers slot - Simply because you never know when you’ll want them around
    • A lighter slot (we don’t need to explain this one).
    • An ash jar - Use it for buds or for keeping the ash contained, you decide

The Cache is built complete, for whichever cannabis lifestyle you prefer. Keep your stash safe and organized so you can smile and enjoy.

It's not just a stashbox, it's a Cache

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