The Cache

A cannabis management system designed to bring beauty to
your personal cannabis collection.

Hold everything you need,
keep it safe and fresh,
make it look damn good.


The Cache was designed to do more than just look damn good. It was engineered to function efficiently, handcrafted to ensure quality, and built to encourage an environment that elevates the Cannabis experience among friends and family. While it’s beauty and strength come from a craftsmanship that took over 40 years to develop, we are living in a special moment in history where we can finally embrace the culture that cannabis has always had in our hearts.

Inside the Cache, you will find glass jars that are airtight, scent-proof, and filter out harmful UV light in order to ensure that your buds stay fresh and taste great. They aren’t just any glass jar either, they are Infinity Jars.


Next to the jars, the Cali Crusher 2.0 is right where it belongs. This grinder is unlike any other and comes loaded with features that you can’t find on any other brand. The teeth are sharp, the locking system almost too easy, and a removable screen for easy cleaning (and there’s still more).

We top it all off with dedicated space for the essentials: Rolling papers, simply because you never know when you’ll want them around, and a lighter (we don’t even need to explain this one).

The Cache is built complete, for whichever cannabis lifestyle you prefer. Keep your stash safe and organized so you can smile and enjoy 🙂

We searched out the best we could find...

The best grinder. The best jars. The best tools.